Day 16: Art and dinosaurs and yoga and Yoko

Hi everyone! This weekend was absolutely and positively amazing just as I had hoped it would be. The city amazes me each and every day that I experience it. Friday night, I got to spend with my aunt and uncle. First we had dinner, then my uncle and I went to see Jurassic World! We grabbed oysters at a Mexican Cantina beforehand and they were delicious!

Jurassic World was excellent, in my opinion. It’s safe to say that Chris Pratt is my new man crush. 😉

Saturday I met with Aimee and one of her friends from school at the Museum of Modern Art. It was not my favorite museum as a whole, but it definitely had some cool pieces. We saw some Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali. My favorite part was the Yoko Ono Exhibit on the sixth floor. I have been a Beatles fan my entire life and never much of a Yoko Ono fan. But still the exhibit fascinated me. I felt like I could feel John Lennon’s presence in the room. Also, her art had something to say. It was strange and weird and out of the ordinary, but that’s what made it so interesting. I liked not being able to decipher what she was trying to say in her pieces. A lot of her pieces had to do with what was going on during her time with John, in the seventies, such as gender inequality. If you have the opportunity to see the exhibit, do it. It will leave you thinking.

After that Aimee and I went back to Brooklyn and stopped at yet another Mexican food place and enjoyed a trio of salsas and tacos. It was a really cool place. We headed back to her apartment and just talked for a while about everything and finally decided to watch a movie. We watched Bridget Jones’ Diary, which I hadn’t seen before, and it was very entertaining. All in all it was a great night and finally we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up around 10:15 and left Aimee’s apartment around 10:45. After about an hour on the subway, I finally got back to Queens. I was pretty tired so I relaxed for a little while and then I got ready for yoga in Times Square!

June 21st, Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice, is now officially the International Day of Yoga! I arrived early and met my friend Shannon (she was just certified in India) and we talked about her trip and eventually got ready for class. Our class started at 4:30 and it was absolutely amazing. The feeling, energy, love, passion, and soul that went into this yoga class blew my mind. The coolest part was being able to look up and see the buildings during various poses and just soak it all in. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

After class Shannon turns to me and told me to hold my hands out and close my eyes. She had brought me something back from India. She knows how much I love the Beatles and she got to visit the ashram that the Beatles studied in with the Maharishi in 1968. SHE BROUGHT ME A PIECE OF THE ASHRAM. This may not seem exciting to you, but I could feel the energy of the Beatles and their studies of Transcendental Meditation in my hands. And the fact that it came from one of my closest friends meant even more to me. Maybe it was the yoga or maybe it really was this piece of stone, but a rush of emotion ran over me. I am so grateful.

I walked Shannon back to Penn Station and we got stuck in the rain! At first it was fine but then it downpoured on us! It was funny. We said goodbye and planned on meeting up again. Then I decided to meet with the interns for a free comedy show that Amy Poehler would be in! We waited in line around 7/7:30, got tickets around 8:15, walked around for a bit(Aamna got us lost looking for ice cream) and finally got back to the theater around 9:15 for the 9:30 show. Not realizing that we were in the wrong line, we waited and waited and eventually were told the theater was full! But we had tickets! Not exactly fair and pretty disappointing. But I still had an amazing weekend.

Not sure what is going on at the office today, but tomorrow is Staff Appreciation Day!

the intern with diabetes


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