Day 17: Staff Appreciation Day!

Hello friends!

What a day it has been! Yesterday, Mark and I tested everything again just to be set for Derek’s webcast today on Staff Appreciation Day!

My commute to the office today was not fun. It was hot, smelly, and miserable. Someone got sick on the express train in front of my train so I was left at Grand Central station to get on a local train. For those of you that don’t know, this means I have to take WAY more stops before Bowling Green than I normally would take. The train was packed because everyone from the express train was trying to get downtown on the local train. It was just a mess! But I got here eventually and everything was okay. It could have been much worse. I could have gotten stuck in Harlem, again!

So around noon, Mark and I began to get everything together for today. The celebration portion of the day was beginning around 12:30-1ish so we prepared for that.

He set up the webcam that broadcasted Derek out to all of the chapters, and I set up the regular camera for my montage that I am making for the JDRF website for the NY employees to view, sort of like a highlight reel. The afternoon was a lot of fun.

We all ate salads, tacos, and desserts and then Derek announced the raffle winners. There was a really strong sense of comradery and friendship in the room. I did not feel like an outsider or like an intern. Everyone is very welcoming. As the festivities went on, I began recording with the regular camera and got some great shots for my highlight reel. I felt professional and important and it felt so good to catch people’s reactions on camera. I’m really glad I got to be a part of it and I am so glad to be here with JDRF. The people here really deserve to be celebrated for all of their hard work. I’m glad I got to capture it on video!

Everything went smoothly and all in all today was a HUGE success. Three cheers for the IT team!

Going to a few museums tonight with the interns! Should be fun. Hope it doesn’t rain though because I forgot my umbrella!!!

Until tomorrow,

the intern with diabetes


Decorated conference room!


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