Day 18: It’s Thursday

Yesterday the interns and I tried to see the Seinfeld apartment exhibit, but it ended up that we were there too late and that they weren’t letting anyone else wait in the line. So that was a bummer. We headed home.

This morning, my subway ride was pleasant, and I got to the office early. Around 9:30, I received an email from Joon, who I am working closely with, and he gave me instructions for the day. He wasn’t working today but was just stopping by for a few minutes and introduced his two daughters to everyone.

I had to find and provide him with information about a few phones he has to send out tomorrow, such as serial numbers and the addresses they would be going to. After I got all of the information, I sent it to him!

The rest of my day has been pretty quiet. Still waiting for word on the video. But Aimee and I are going to try to get Broadway tickets for a show tonight! So that will be fun! Looking forward to it. Tomorrow’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all I got for today.

the intern with diabetes


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