Day 20: Feelin’ fudgy

My weekend was absolutely wonderful!

I was invited to help my Central Jersey Outreach Coordinator, Nancy, and be her right-hand girl at the Annual JDRF Gala. It was a lot of fun and I got to dress up! My parents attended the Gala and they had fun too. In total, the auctions at the Gala raised over $400,000 for JDRF! That is absolutely amazing! It was heartwarming to know that people were willing to donate to this foundation and to fund research and information regarding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Today it seems that the people I am working with are very busy! So today is going to be quiet. But I do know I have to help Mark with a Webex test sometime today, but the time is still being decided.

My morning was enough within itself. I felt fine this morning, had breakfast, got dressed, and left the apartment. I got on my first train, and between the 3rd and 4th stop, Queensboro Plaza and Lexington Avenue, I started to feel funny.

My eyes were getting fuzzy, I was having terrible chest pains, it was getting hard to breathe, and I knew I had to get off the train. Luckily the next stop was where I transfer anyways so I had to get off. As I made my way off the subway car, I could feel my body not wanting to move. The sets of stairs were a struggle. Finally I found a green box to sit on, so I sat down, and tested my blood sugar. It was not a nice number. But last night I was on a blood-sugar-rollercoaster, so I kind of expected it.

I figured water was my next step. Feeling like this while in a subway station is not exactly ideal. I tried to look for a concession stand, but there were none. So I left the station and walked down the street to a Duane Reade pharmacy. I bought a water and started drinking. I called my mom and let her know what was going on. She thought I was dehydrated.

I got on my second train and luckily was able to snatch a seat after about two stops. I started listening to Queen and got lost in Freddie Mercury’s voice so I started to feel better.

Finally I got to the office and was feeling pretty good. I talked to one of the MD’s in the Research department and he said he thinks that I was going to faint. I am okay now, but I really hope it doesn’t happen again.


Aimee and the magic fudge!

Finishing editing a final cut for the Staff Appreciation Day video and might interview Aimee later or tomorrow.

Also, Aimee made me fudge for my birthday(it’s Wednesday) but she made it early and didn’t want to leave it sitting in her fridge. How sweet is she!  And Jennifer sent out an official invite to help me celebrate a birthday lunch on Wednesday! It feels good to know that I have people here in the city to help me celebrate 19 years of life and almost 15 years of diabetes!

Auf wiedersehen!

the intern with diabetes


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