Day 21: Things!

Today was a great day. I showed my boss the final version of my video to be posted on OnePlace and he absolutely loved it! It felt good to know that I could actually make the video the way that they wanted it. I got a few compliments from other people in the office too.

The whole Twitter fiasco that is going on with Crossfit is absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe that a company would post something like that. Clearly these people are uneducated, and kudos to the people who are fighting for diabetes and the people in the world living with it. I don’t really have much to say about it because it is just an abominable combination of ignorance and stupidity.

After that, I had lunch and went to see about half-price Broadway tickets. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything so Aimee and I are going to go a little later and see if we can win them in the lottery giveaways.I also interviewed Aimee for the SWD video and will probably finish it tomorrow.

But I am looking forward to tomorrow — I am going to be 19! I can’t believe a year has passed already. I am looking forward to a great day spent with friends and family.

I just really hope it doesn’t rain!

Signing off as an 18 year old,

the intern with diabetes


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