How can I help?

Someone dear to me messaged me on Facebook and asked me to make a post about what the average person can do to help someone with T1D when they need to be helped, AKA when they are having a severe low blood sugar or are going into a diabetic coma.

I am going to keep this as short as possible.

But two things could happen.

One, if the person is talking and still functioning, get them something to eat or drink that is QUICK. Meaning, find candy or orange juice or Hawaiian punch(just some examples) that will help bring up their blood sugar quickly. Don’t bring them a piece of bread or pasta. haha Just keep them talking and make sure they are getting some sort of carbs or sugar in them.

The other situation is that the T1D can not communicate to you that they need help. This often looks like the person is drunk. They may not be able to speak or even use their body really. THIS IS SERIOUS. In this case, either contact a relative or contact 911.

If I am at a friends house close to home, I would tell my friends to call my parents before anything. There is a certain shot that can be given to help in situations like this. But if I am far from home and have no one around, call 911. Do not hesitate to. Remember to tell them that I have Type 1 Diabetes.
Hope this helps!!


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