Diabetes Etiquette

I have shared this a few times, but it is so important to me, so I will share it again.

Accu-chek came out with a Diabetes Etiquette list for people who DON’T have diabetes and it is simply amazing because it says the things that people with diabetes don’t always want to say, especially to loved ones.

Here is the shortened list:

  1. DON’T offer unsolicited advice about eating or other parts of diabetes, that you probably don’t truly understand.
  2. DO realize and appreciate that diabetes is hard work.
  3. DON’T tell horror stories about your grandmother with diabetes or other stories you have heard about.
  4. DO offer to join in on making healthy lifestyle changes(with your diabadass).
  5. DON’T look so horrified when someone checks their blood sugar or gives themselves and injection.
  6. DO ask how you might be helpful.
  7. DON’T offer thoughtless reassurances.
  8. DO be supportive of any efforts of self-care.
  9. DON’T peek or comment on blood sugar numbers without asking first.
  10. DO offer your love and encouragement.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this list by Accu-Chek.

Link is here to watch the Youtube video I made about this list as well:

>>>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Nd-V-04jU <<<<<<<<<


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