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Hi everyone!

I have been writing for The Odyssey for about a month now, and I wanted to share on here some of my articles.

So here is the link of my profile on The Odyssey!


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Hi there!

I have had this image saved for quite some time on my phone, and I can’t keep it hidden anymore. It is a screenshot of a blog post that I saw one night as I was scrolling through tumblr. image1

This put LOWS into perspective for me, and maybe it will for you too. Whether you are a T1D, a relative, parent, child, or whatever. It can be scary. I know this feeling all too well.

I really admire whoever wrote this.

I really admire this blog because it allows people to say things they don’t want to say and to share their secrets. This is huge in the diabetes community. Read a few posts if you can, you may learn a lot.

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